Complete Fur Cleaning & Fur Novelties

Your furs are in good hands at McMahon Fur Storage. All fur coats and other apparel are kept securely in cold storage on-site in Sarasota, Florida. We also offer fur cleaning and repair, as well as novelty key chains, purses, and other accessories.

Cleaning & Glazing

To keep your furs in good condition, we offer fur cleaning and glazing. This involves revolving the furs in an absorbent compound filled with a special blend of cleaning agents and glazing compounds.
Relining & Remodeling
We take proper care of any furs stored with us. To that end, we offer fur coat repairs, including relining and remodeling.


Contact us in Sarasota, Florida, to find out more about our fur cleaning and storage services, or our novelty key chains and accessories.

Fur Cleaning Service